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Indian captain Rohit Sharma was left frustrated when Afghanistan batters Mohammad Nabi and Rahmanullah Gurbaz stole two extra byes towards the end of the first innings of the first Super Over at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.
Nabi, failed to make contact with Mukesh Kumar‘s final delivery, ran for a quick bye. Sanju Samson’s underarm throw, however, struck Nabi on the back of his leg, deflecting the ball towards long on.

The two batters, alert to the situation, managed to stole two additional runs as the ball rolled towards Virat Kohli, sparking frustration in Rohit Sharma. In frustration, the Indian skipper charged towards Mohammad Nabi, questioning his decision to run despite the ball deflecting off his legs.
Rohit Sharma angry with Mohammad Nabi | Source: X.com
Nabi appeared to clarify that he had the right to run despite the deflection. Following some discussion, the Indian captain and players walked off the field as the on-field umpires signalled byes, hence awarding three runs off the final ball.

Nabi and Rohit Sharma fight ????????17 to winBtw way is fat Sharma complaining there player literally ran after it hit Thier bat in the 1/2 game pic.twitter.com/o7KhLnOnad— Sports Production (@SportsProd37) January 17, 2024

As for the match, India won the third T20I, although via a double super over, thus completing a clean sweep against Afghanistan.

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