Stats: Teams with Most Consecutive Wins in T20 World Cup History – CricIndeed

Stats: Teams with Most Consecutive Wins in T20 World Cup History
Stats: Teams with Most Consecutive Wins in T20 World Cup History – CricIndeed

The T20 World Cup is well known for delivering a high level of cricketing contest as the top teams battle it out for the ultimate glory.

With an eye on the title, teams have to establish their dominance by toppling other opponents consistently.

The global T20 event has seen a few teams reign supremacy by crushing one opponent after another, registering a remarkable winning streak.

This article will list the team with the most consecutive wins in T20 World Cup history.

Most Consecutive Wins in T20 World Cup

TeamMatches WonAgainstMarginVenueDate
India7PakistanWon by 8 wicketsColombo30 Sep 2012
South AfricaWon by 1 runsColombo2 Oct 2012
PakistanWon by 7 wicketsMirpur21 Mar 2014
West IndiesWon by 7 wicketsMirpur23 Mar 2014
BangladeshWon by 8 wicketsMirpur28 Mar 2014
AustraliaWon by 73 runsMirpur30 Mar 2014
South AfricaWon by 6 wicketsMirpur4 Apr 2014
India6EnglandWon by 18 runsDurban19 Sep 2007
South AfricaWon by 37 runsDurban20 Sep 2007
AustraliaWon by 15 runsDurban22 Sep 2007
PakistanWon by 5 runsJohannesburg24 Sep 2007
BangladeshWon by 25 runsNottingham6 Jun 2009
IrelandWon by 8 wicketsNottingham10 Jun 2009
Sri Lanka6AustraliaWon by 6 wicketsNottingham8 Jun 2009
West IndiesWon by 15 runsNottingham10 Jun 2009
PakistanWon by 19 runsLord’s12 Jun 2009
IrelandWon by 9 runsLord’s14 Jun 2009
New ZealandWon by 48 runsNottingham16 Jun 2009
West IndiesWon by 57 runsThe Oval19 Jun 2009
Australia6PakistanWon by 34 runsGros Islet2 May 2010
BangladeshWon by 27 runsBridgetown5 May 2010
IndiaWon by 49 runsBridgetown7 May 2010
Sri LankaWon by 81 runsBridgetown9 May 2010
West IndiesWon by 6 wicketsGros Islet11 May 2010
PakistanWon by 3 wicketsGros Islet14 May 2010
England6PakistanWon by 6 wicketsBridgetown6 May 2010
South AfricaWon by 39 runsBridgetown8 May 2010
New ZealandWon by 3 wicketsGros Islet10 May 2010
Sri LankaWon by 7 wicketsGros Islet13 May 2010
AustraliaWon by 7 wicketsBridgetown16 May 2010
AfghanistanWon by 116 runsColombo21 Sep 2012
South Africa5ScotlandWon by 130 runsThe Oval7 Jun 2009
New ZealandWon by 1 runsLord’s9 Jun 2009
EnglandWon by 7 wicketsNottingham11 Jun 2009
West IndiesWon by 20 runsThe Oval13 Jun 2009
IndiaWon by 12 runsNottingham16 Jun 2009
Pakistan5New ZealandWon by 6 wicketsThe Oval13 Jun 2009
IrelandWon by 39 runsThe Oval15 Jun 2009
South AfricaWon by 7 runsNottingham18 Jun 2009
Sri LankaWon by 8 wicketsLord’s21 Jun 2009
BangladeshWon by 21 runsGros Islet1 May 2010
Pakistan5IndiaWon by 10 wicketsDubai24 Oct 2021
New ZealandWon by 5 wicketsSharjah26 Oct 2021
AfghanistanWon by 5 wicketsDubai29 Oct 2021
NamibiaWon by 45 runsAbu Dhabi2 Nov 2021
ScotlandWon by 72 runsSharjah7 Nov 2021
New Zealand5IndiaWon by 8 wicketsDubai31 Oct 2021
ScotlandWon by 16 runsDubai3 Nov 2021
NamibiaWon by 52 runsSharjah5 Nov 2021
AfghanistanWon by 8 wicketsAbu Dhabi7 Nov 2021
EnglandWon by 5 wicketsAbu Dhabi10 Nov 2021
India5AfghanistanWon by 66 runsAbu Dhabi3 Nov 2021
ScotlandWon by 8 wicketsDubai5 Nov 2021
NamibiaWon by 9 wicketsDubai8 Nov 2021
PakistanWon by 4 wicketsMelbourne23 Oct 2022
NetherlandsWon by 56 runsSydney27 Oct 2022

Key Insights

India holds the record for registering the most consecutive wins in T20 World Cup history. They won 7 back-to-back matches between September 30, 2012, and April 4, 2014.

On the flip side, Bangladesh have logged the most consecutive defeats in the tournament’s history. The Bangladeshi Tigers lost 10 matches on the trot between September 15, 2007 and September 25, 2012. Bangladesh were winless for more than 5 years across 4 editions.

India is the only team to have 3 winning streaks of 5 or more matches in the T20 World Cup. The Indian team’s other 2 streaks came in 2007-09 and 2021-22.

Only India and England have managed to win the T20 World Cup during their winning streaks in 2007 and 2010, respectively. 

6 wins each registered by Sri Lanka and Australia in the 2009 and 2010 editions, respectively, are the most in a single T20 World Cup edition for a team. This is also the longest winning streak in a single edition.

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